Jynxbox Ultra HD v3 Features

Jynxbox Ultra HD v3 Connections

Even though the Jynxbox V3 is designed for HD televesions, it will work with both new and old TV's alike. You will be able to connect either by HDMI or RCA connections to the Jynxbox v3(both cables are included in the package) The Jynx It also comes with a built in ethernet port and it is wifi ready with a simple addon.

Recording and Media Player

WIth the click of a button you will be ready to begin watching stored/recorded files in both HD or SD. Functioning as a media player as-well, the Jynx allows you to connect an external hard-drive of up to 3TB to watch local content from the device. The Jynxbox V3 is one of the only FTA receivers that has support for large hard-drives and just about any movie file type.

Package Contents

Each receiver comes with the JB200 Module, Wifi USB addon, 6' HDMI cable, 4GB Sandisk USB flash drive, 6' RCA cables, universal remote control, IR extender output and 2 AAA baterries.

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Customers Quotes

Michael L.
Boston, MA

"I wasn't too sure what too look for now-adays for the FTA market. I was not disaponited with the Jynxbox V2! Works great with my HDTV."

Jose M.
Los Angeles, CA

“I cant believe all the options built into a Jynbox FTA receiver. This has got to be the best FTA receiver I've baught in years. I really liked that everything advertised functions very-well. For a small price more than most standard deff. receivers, you'd be crazy not to get it!”